‘Cambodian Season’ Kicks Off New Year in New York

Season of Cambodia, an unprecedented months-long festival and celebrations of Cambodian art, officially hit New York city this past weekend (April 13, 2013) to coincide with the Khmer new year, year of the Snake. Organizers say they seek to shift the country’s image away from what outsiders stereotypically¬†see as most associated to Cambodia – Angkor or the Khmer Rouge.

It is arguably the largest civil society/private sector-led Cambodian cultural diplomacy in the United States, certainly for New York city. You do not want to miss its extravaganza. The festival is to last until around the end of May 2013.

Here are a few photos from my trip up there.

Season Cambodia Opening Sophatography (1 of 1)

Season Cambodia Opening2 Sophatography (1 of 1)

CTN Crew NYC Sophatography (1 of 1)

Season of Cambodia Opening3 Sophatography (1 of 1)

The Met NYC Sophatography (1 of 1)

Cambodian art exhibition a highlight at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Met NYC2 Sophatography (1 of 1)

Sopheap Pich, a contemporary Cambodian artist is being interviewed about his exhibit “Cambodian Rattan”.

Dengue Fever NYC Sophatography (1 of 1)

Wat Brooklyn KNY Sophatography (1 of 1)

Wat Brooklyn KNY2 Sophatography (1 of 1)

CTN Crew NYC2 Sophatography (1 of 1)

Dance Wat Brooklyn Sophatography (1 of 1)