Google Now Translates Khmer

As a Cambodian new year gift, Internet search giant Goggle has added Khmer as its 66th language to its translation service – Google Translate.

The scarcity of Khmer-language online content and the complication of the language itself might explain why Khmer was added later than all its neighboring counterparts in the Lower Mekong countries, including Lao.

Right back from Khmer new year, Cambodian tech enthusiasts could enjoy playing around with the new service. Many have expressed national pride for their native tongue having been included by Google.

I did my own try and it is not bad.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.51.56 PMInterestingly, this is all done without using a single human translation, according a Google employee. Here’s how it works:
As a result, there are some funny glitches still, like “How are you” would be translated as “អ្នកមានដោយរបៀបណា?” which actually translates as “How did you get rich?”

But according the same employee, the key to improving the service will be user-driven. That is, the more Khmer content we help make available online – alongside its matching English content – the better quality the translation.

Translation has never been more fun!

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