10 Cambodia Topics to Watch in 2013

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Happy Cambodian new year 2013, year of the Snake!

Here are ten broad developments in 2013 that I think Cambodia observers should watch out for. They are not necessarily in order of priority. I will be revisiting these topics separately in the coming weeks and months.

  1. Cambodia national elections (July 28)
  2. Preah Vihear border dispute and nationalism
  3. Khmer Rouge tribunal ‘crisis’
  4. Cambodia’s growing land conflicts
  5. Hydropower and Mekong river dilemma
  6. Human rights problems and the Myanmar effect
  7. Corruption and attempts at governance reform
  8. Cambodia, China, and Asean ‘triangular’ relations
  9. Rise of digital media, youth voices, and social development
  10. Uneven economic growth and regional competitiveness

Major events in the ‘2012 Cambodian year’ that will likely have an impact on 2013 developments:

  • Death of King Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodia’s ‘father’ for decades
  • Death of Ieng Sary, former Khmer Rouge foreign minister
  • Cambodian performance as chair of Asean in 2012 and the South China Sea disagreement
  • Shrinking press freedom in traditional media space
  • Opening up and early democratization of Myanmar (Burma)
  • US President Barack Obama visit to Phnom Penh

*I may be updating some of topic as necessary.*

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